Working out tips- Fitting it in

Since starting my Facebook page Staying Healthy When Hunger Strikes, I have gotten many questions regarding how I fit exercise into my daily routine while caring for a 2-year old daughter with special needs (PWS) and a 1-year old little firecracker. I am in very fortunate position and count my blessings everyday that I am a stay-at-home mom. But my job never ends and I am constantly on the go with my 1 and 2-year-old daughters.

Motivation quote

I tend to workout about 8:30am, when I have the most energy and my girls are awake and ready to play at the gym daycare.

Here are some tips on how to make working out a priority:

1. Schedule your workout

Write it down, pencil it in, alert your phone… do whatever you have to do to remind yourself and make time for YOU. It is important to dedicate some time every day to better yourself. “A 1-hour workout is only 4% or your day.”

2. Choose an appropriate time

If you are not a morning person, do not start waking up at 4:45am to hit the gym, just as if you are not an evening person, do not go to the gym, do an exercise video or go for a run/walk at 8:00pm. If lunch is a time where you are just sitting, make the most of that hour and be productive. Figure out when you have the most energy and workout then.

3. Be prepared

Lay your clothes out, have your socks and shoes ready to go if the alarm is going off at 4:45am or for when you get home from work. If you are working out at lunch or after work, have a gym bag packed with all the essentials to workout. Shoes, shorts, sports bra, tank, socks, headphones, water bottle, deodorant, hair ties, gum, snacks, etc. You want to make your morning easy and be able to grab-and-go.

4. Set up a plan and create goals

Why are you working out? You health, a vacation, to lower body fat, reduce stress, a lifestyle change, a fitness competition or just because. Figure it out the why? Once you have done that.

5. Stay Motivation
Motivation is the first to go. We all do it. January 1st- our New Years Resolution… but how do we make it past those first 90 days? Get a workout partner, a trainer, create a vision board, make non-food goals, follow healthy bloggers, look at websites, get rid of the junk!


**These are tips that work for me. I am not a personal trainer or medical professional. As always, consult a medical professional before starting a new fitness or health plan. **


About Lisa Lamb

This is a way for me to share my passion for living a healthy lifestyle, share my fitness journey and to create low calorie recipes for us and my daughter Makenna who has Prader-Willi Syndrome! Description My daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Prader-Willi Syndrome which in a nutshell, (but please feel free to google for more information) will cause a chronic feeling of hunger that, coupled with a metabolism that utilizes drastically fewer calories than normal, can lead to excessive eating and life-threatening obesity. The food compulsion makes for constant supervision necessary. This page is dedicated to her. She inspires me everyday to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. I want to create a healthy environment for her. With my passion for nutrition and fitness, I hope I can spread awareness about PWS and create healthy recipes for her to enjoy with never feeling deprived. She has given me new hope to move forward with my passion in nutrition and become a Registered Dietitian. My focus will be on childhood obesity, emphasizing in PWS. I look forward to sharing my journey with you all! ***Please note I am not a Registered Dietitian. I would classify myself as a "nutrition snob." I do all of this because I love learning about food and fitness. All the recipes posted are tired and can be adjusted to your lifestyle. ***
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